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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, we are accepting new patients by referral only. We are currently only accepting infants, children and adolescents with medical, developmental or mental health conditions that require a pediatrician for care. Referrals for healthy children, including healthy newborns, will be declined. We continue to provide consultations on an as needed basis. If your child requires pediatric consultation or has a serious medical, developmental or mental health condition that requires ongoing pediatric care, please ask your current physician to fax a referral for your child to 365-509-2154.

2. I am expecting a baby soon, or I recently had a baby. How can I register my newborn with a Pediatrician?

As of September 1 2020, our office is accepting a very limited number of healthy newborns for ongoing pediatric care, based on physician availability. We do not register babies before their birth. If your newborn was admitted to the NICU and requires ongoing pediatric care after discharge or has a serious medical condition that requires a pediatrician for follow up, please ask your child’s current physician to fax a referral to 365-509-2154.

3. I would like to transfer my children from their current physician to your office and register with one of your Pediatricians. How can I do this?

Thank you for considering our office for your child’s care. As of June 11 2020, all new patients must have a referral before registering with one of our Pediatricians. We are no longer accepting healthy children for ongoing pediatric care. If your child has a serious medical, developmental or mental health issues, please ask your Family Physician or Pediatrician to fax our office a referral for each child you would like to register. Referrals may be faxed to our office at 365-509-2154. Once we have the referral, we will call you to book the first appointment.

4. What services does your office provide?
  • Newborn care
  • Check-ups and vaccines for children & adolescents until their 18th birthday
  • Diagnosis & management of a wide variety of children’s medical problems
  • Diagnosis & management of autism, ADHD, educational and behavioural problems, developmental delays, as well as mental health problems including anxiety and depression
  • Speech therapy with our licensed Speech Language Pathologist (not OHIP covered)
  • Diet Counselling with our Registered Dietitian (not OHIP covered)


Our pediatricians see patients who are enrolled in the IFH program. We do not accept uninsured patients.


The majority of our services are available virtually. However, please discuss this with our front desk staff when you schedule your appointment.

5. I am coming to your office for an appointment. What should I know before I come?
Please bring your child’s health card and all documents including immunization records, hospital records, school or psychologist reports (for any educational or behavioural problems). Patients without a valid health card will not be seen.
Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time in order to register. Our office does our best to run on time. Late arrivals may have to wait 1 hour or more to be seen until the physician is next available.


All adults must wear a mask in the clinic. As of August 19 2020, only 1 adult per patient will be allowed into the office. This is to prevent crowding within the office. Other caregivers and family members must wait outside in their car and are welcome to call in to the appointment. Please do not wait in the hallway outside our office as this creates crowding in front of the other units.


If you or your child is experiencing any fever, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, runny nose, conjunctivitis, or unexplained rash, please do not come to our office – please book a virtual visit instead. This also includes any child or adult with potential COVID-19 infection, recent contact with anyone with potential COVID-19 infection or any recent travel. Children or adults who meet these criteria will be asked to leave immediately and return to their car. We will then call you and conduct the visit with you over the phone.
6. My child is registered with Markham Pediatric Health Centre. The pediatricians are moving to your office in September. Should I register my child with your office now?

Welcome! There is no need to pre-register your child with our clinic. After September 1 2020, you may call our office at 647-696-0945 to book the first appointment at this location. Until September 1 2020 please call Markham Pediatric Health Centre to book any appointments or for any concerns regarding your child.

7. My child is registered with Markham Pediatric Health Centre. The pediatricians are moving to your office in September. Should I transfer my child’s chart to your office?

There is no need to transfer your child’s chart. All the charts will be transferred automatically to Star Kids Clinic.

8. My child saw Dr. Harshini Sriskanda at her previous clinic in Scarborough. Do I need a referral to see her again?

Until October 31, 2020, you do not need a referral if your child saw Dr. Sriskanda at her previous clinic. After October 31 2020, you will need a referral to book an appointment for your child. Please ask your child’s current physician to fax a referral to 365-509-2154.

9. My child has a speech-language problem or a diet problem. How can I book an appointment with the Speech Therapist or Dietitian?

Please call our office at 647-696-045 or email with a brief description of your child’s problem. Speech Therapist Kavita Schaffer or Dietitian Alia Virjee will call you back to arrange the appointment. You do not need a referral to book a Speech Therapy or Dietitian appointment. Please remember that these services are not OHIP covered (self-pay). If you have private insurance, your benefits may cover this. You are responsible for confirming your benefits prior to the appointment.

10. Can I choose which Pediatrician I want for my child?

We will consider all requests however we reserve the right to assign a Pediatrician based on the physician’s availability and current practice design.

11. Will Star Kids Clinic be providing flu shots in 2020?

Yes, flu shot are now available for children and teens who are already registered with our clinic. Please schedule an appointment to receive your flu shot. You may also find more information regarding York Region Flu Clinics here.

12. My doctor sent a referral for my child. When will I hear back from the clinic?

Once a referral is received, it is reviewed by the pediatrician. In some situations, more information may be needed from the referring doctor before we are able to schedule the appointment. We aim to contact all families within 14 days of receiving the referral. Referrals marked urgent by the referring physician are contacted as soon as possible.

13. My child missed their Grade 7 immunizations in school. Can I have them done at Star Kids Clinic?

No. York Region Public Health will be holding catch up clinics for children who missed one or all doses of Hepatitis B, Meningococcal or HPV immunization. Please check York Region Public Health website for further information regarding this. If your child has a special situation (eg. behavioural or mental health or medical issue) that prevents them from receiving the doses in the public health clinic, please schedule an appointment to discuss this first with your child’s pediatrician.

Do you have any other questions or inquiries?

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